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Our Current President and CEO Joe in the early days and now! Still going strong!

Active Roofing was established in 1965 it was a small family owned business run by my parents for almost 30 years. In 1996 I joined the team. My first week in sales, I took a day, and I walked from Wrigley Field to the Merchandise Mart knocking on doors. Right around Fullerton and Clark I realized that many of these buildings are managed by the same company, so I took the Yellow Pages, yes a real book, and wrote down property management companies. That night I went to the office and started emailing companies offering the Active Roofing services. That was the beginning, 20 years later I am still knocking on doors it’s just via email, text and face to face lunches and dinners. We have outgrown the small office in Hickory Hills and now have a main office in Chicago, with satellite offices in Milwaukee and Florida. Our sales have increased tenfold, and we have installed millions of square feet of roofing membrane across the country.

We are a larger company but we still have the same mentality now as we did then, just on a bigger scale. The entire staff is committed to fulfilling the customers roofing needs. We are a full service roofing contractor, maintenance, repairs, and full roof replacements. We have grown as a company but have kept the small family atmosphere combining humor, training, intelligence and knowledge along with a real team effort.

Without the Active Roofing team, we would not be where we are today. We continue to grow thanks to loyal friends, customers and clients who understand they can count on the Active Roofing team. I’m proud of who and what we have become and hope to continue to grow keeping the same old school values we learned growing up.

Here’s what’s new with Active Roofing

Completed Gaco Project!

  Before and After pictures of a recently completed 156,850 sq. ft. Gaco roof restoration.  Deteriorated decking was removed and replaced with new decking to match existing. New filler insulation [...]

200,000 sq. ft. RE-ROOF

Vacuum ballast.  Mechanically fasten a 1/2″  high density Poly ISO insulation through the existing roof system and applied a 60 MIL TPO membrane mechanically fastened through the Poly ISO insulation.

Active Roofing in Milwaukee

Active Roofing opened their Milwaukee office in 2014 and has been serving the community with a dedicated Milwaukee-based workforce ever since.  We recently completely work on the historic Gas [...]

New completed project!

Here are before and after pictures from recently completed project of a tear-off of 97,500 Sq. Ft. We installed a double layer of 2.2 ” Poly Iso insulation and a 60 MIL TPO roof system. [...]

Green Roof

8,200 square foot Tear-off existing roof system and re-roofed with insulation and installed a Modified Bitumen roof system.  We then went back a couple of years later and power washed the [...]

EPDM Roof System

86,000 square foot Tear-off of existing roof system and re-roofed with insulation and installed a new EPDM roof system.

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